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Shifting Taiwan Abortion Laws
by Eric Kaufman

Controversy surrounds this week’s ruling in favor of Taiwan’s first ever legalized post birth abortion. The new laws state that any child under the age of eighteen, and meeting all other requirements for candidacy could potentially be eligible for PBA. For parents, this means that for every child, they will receive an eighteen year window of assessment in determining whether they should terminate the birth.
Taipei city locals express mixed feelings about the ruling. Dr. Derek Shung points out that, “…sometimes degenerative social behavioral disorders don’t show up for several years after birth. PBA now allows us to monitor conditions while still keeping certain options available. ” Helen Ming, shop owner and mother of two is frustrated with the late ruling that has put her nineteen year old son out of eligibility for candidacy. “He does nothing but chew betel nut all day. It’s times like these that I feel like the system has really let me down,” complained Mrs. Ming. Elsewhere local teachers celebrate. For them the legislation translates directly into improved working conditions which may potentially revitalize the Taiwanese education system.