Copyright © 2011 by Eric Kaufman

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Written by

Eric Kaufman

               EXT. CITY. DAY.

               Business people walk efficiently along a sterile looking
               industrial suspended walkway. Everyone is dressed relatively
               the same in dark clean suits. The crowd moves in an orderly
               manner at a brisk pace. You can see below the walkway down to
               the street level. The clean modern suspended walkway
               contrasts the street below which looks dirty and gritty. The
               cityscape appears as a futuristic sci-fi noir with whites and
               silver tones above and black, grey, and shadows below.

               INT. GROCERY STORE. DAY.

               KENSHIN (male, 45, Japanese) stands in line at a modern
               grocery store. A long line of conservatively dressed shoppers
               wait patiently for their turn at the scanner. The system is
               orderly, efficient, and nearly silent.

               Shoppers scan their wrists at a terminal and their grocery
               list appears on a screen. 

               Shoppers confirm and then their order drops onto a conveyer
               in front of them. Every item that comes onto the conveyer is
               boxed in a compact package.

               KENSHIN's list is incomplete when he scans his wrist and he
               tries to add items on the spot.

               He's holding up the queue trying to figure out how to adjust
               his order.

               INT. OFFICE. DAY.

               KENSHIN sits at his desk in a stark office. The walls are
               bare and hospital white. His desk sits at the end of a row
               with all other desks vacant. The part of the office he's in
               is secluded and he works alone. He sits near a walkway where
               employees infrequently pass by. Quiet voices are barely
               noticeable coming from distant parts of the office that are
               more populated. He is secretly admiring colorful art
               clippings in his desk drawer. 

               A straight and tidy co-worker walks past and gives him a
               lifeless stare. 

               KENSHIN quickly hides what he's looking at and shuts the

               The co-worker hadn't noticed anything, but KENSHIN'S abrupt
               movement raises suspicion. She looks back at him through
               squinted eyes as she walks away.

               After she's passed he opens the drawer back up and continues
               admiring the art clippings.

               He carefully and secretly places the clippings into a folder,
               then adds the folder to his briefcase.

               INT. OFFICE HALLWAY. DAY.

               KENSHIN passes his boss in the hallway. His BOSS stops him.

                         Kenshin! Your collar.

               KENSHIN feels around nervously at his neck and finds he had
               loosened his tie and top button.

                         Sorry sir.

                         And get a black tie.

               KENSHIN looks down at his tie and brings it closer to his
               face with his hand. It is nearly solid black with only the
               slightest bit of color in the detail. KENSHIN looks defeated.

               The BOSS walks away.

               INT. OFFICE BATHROOM. DAY.

               KENSHIN stands in front of the bathroom mirror staring at
               himself. He looks at his tie and his outfit, he adjusts his
               clothes and straightens up. Then he looks intensely at his
               face. He focuses on his eyes which are dark brown, almost

               EXT. STREET. DUSK.

               KENSHIN walks home along the elevated walkway with the other
               business types. They all move at a steady pace. He lags
               behind the flow getting in the way and is awkwardly bumped

               He looks around with disgust at his peers. They don't seem to
               notice him and just move past.

               He is so out of joint with the flow of the masses that he is
               virtually squeezed off to the side and can't walk on the
               platform with them.

               He walks down an exit staircase taking him to a dirtier
               street below. 

               EXT. ALLEY. NIGHT.

               The under-street is dark with alleys. Not many people are
               present or visible. The few that are noticed aren't dressed
               like the business class above. They wear either shaggy rags
               or crazy colorful costumes. They cast suspicious stares at
               KENSHIN, then quickly slip into the shadows or down an alley.

               As KENSHIN wanders curiously through the under-streets a
               shady looking older man steps out from the shadows and
               startles him (VENDOR, male, 65). The man is older but fit and

               The VENDOR holds his hands up toward Kenshin with his palms
               facing out as if he's conjuring spirits.

                         Not many of your kind stray off the
                         skywalk. Looking for something you
                         can't get with your collective? 

               KENSHIN is distracted by what the VENDOR is doing with his 

               The VENDOR gestures down into a dark alley, then enters it
               motioning for KENSHIN to follow. He disappears into the
               darkness after a few seconds.

               KENSHIN is wary but curious and follows.

               Kenshin catches up with the VENDOR down the alley where he
               finds him unlocking something built into the wall.

               He opens a metal door revealing a storage closet with shelves
               holding various items for sale. It looks more like someone's
               junk collection rather than a shop.

                                   VENDOR (CONT'D)

               KENSHIN picks up a dusty pack of condoms and inspects it.

                         Why would anyone have use for these
                         anymore? There hasn't been a
                         sexually transmitted disease since
                         before I was born. And pregnancy is
                         regulated by D1 capsules.

                         Not everyone believes in or takes
                         part in collective health care.

               KENSHIN looks at the VENDOR as if he's crazy and carelessly
               tosses the condoms back onto the shelf. 

               The VENDOR digs around behind some boxes and drags out a
               crate filled with electronics. He holds up a device.

                                   VENDOR (CONT'D)
                         I normally wouldn't show this to
                         someone dressed like you. But you
                         don't act like a typical member of
                         the collective. Maybe I can trust
                         you a little. How about a code
                         scrambler? You may like to drop out
                         of the collective's range of
                         surveillance from time to time. 

               KENSHIN takes the device and looks it over, then stares off
               blankly in contemplation.

               KENSHIN places the scrambler on a shelf.

               Continuing to Browse somewhat aimlessly, he finds a small box
               of bright purple color contact lenses. His face lights up
               with sudden interest. He opens the box to look at them
               closely. Then closes them quickly, and hastily purchases

                         I'll buy these.

                         Twenty five penta.

               Kenshin quickly gives the VENDOR the money.

                                   VENDOR (CONT'D)
                         Remember, this item has been hot
                         listed. Don't get caught with them. 

                         Hot-listed? Why?

                         They dry your eyes. Anything not
                         clearly promoting health is banned
                         by the Collective. 

               KENSHIN looks down at the contacts in his hand, pausing for a
               moment. He puts them in his coat pocket and turns to walk

                                   VENDOR (CONT'D)
                         Hold on. Let me put those in a
                         shielded bag. If you walk under a
                         scanner they won't be visible.

               The VENDER bags up KENSHIN's purchase then hands it to him
               while awkwardly staring him right in the eyes. 

               KENSHIN takes the bag and walks away down the alley a little
               confused. He looks back as he picks up momentum stumbling
               over himself.

               The VENDOR closes the door to his goods closet and locks it.

               EXT. ALLEY. NIGHT.

               Making sure he's not followed, the VENDOR continues down the
               dark alley looking over his shoulder.

               He stops in front of another metal door and pounds on it with
               his fist.

               A small panel of the door opens from the inside.

                         Show your wrist.

               The VENDOR pulls up his sleeve and holds his arm out in front
               of the door so that his wrist can be seen through the panel.

               The inside of his wrist shows a rectangular shaped scar from
               where something was surgically removed.

               The GUARD opens the door to let the VENDOR inside.

               INT. THE BLACK MARKET. NIGHT.

               The VENDOR enters a warehouse building. Inside is a network
               of hallways and rooms. Stalls are set up in the open areas
               where merchants and hustlers are working and arguing.

               A man speaks to a group who are huddled around.

                                   BLACK MARKET CONSPIRATOR
                         Remember, we can use all the help
                         we can get. Recruit anyone you
                         think you can trust. And
                         incentivize the doubtful whenever
                         possible. The collective hates us
                         and sees us as a threat. Keep the
                         area secure and report any sign of
                         a leak.

               He walks past some rooms where open doors reveal what looks
               like laboratories with various technical equipment. 

               He walks deeper into the complex and stops before an open
               doorway to a dark room.


               The VENDOR enters the room. It is dirty and empty with only a
               few cabinets. A few others are sleeping on the floor.

               The VENDOR unlocks a chest in the corner and takes out a gun.

               He sits down on the floor with his back resting up against
               the wall.

               He places the gun in his lap and goes to sleep.


               KENSHIN walks through a sterile colorless modern apartment
               building and makes his way to his front door. The building
               shows no evidence of its residents. There are no windows and
               all the front entries look identical.

               He holds his wrist in front of a silver panel on the wall and
               after a few seconds the door opens. 

               He enters, cautiously closing the front door behind him so
               nobody can see into his apartment. 


               The entry room is as drab and colorless as the rest of the
               building and the rest of the city. 

               He opens another door leading into the main living area. It
               is filled with color -- deep reds and blues on one wall.
               Purple, green, and orange fill the space of another. Art
               hangs on the walls filling most of the apartment. Art
               supplies are around as well. 

               KENSHIN's attitude changes when he enters his brightly
               decorated apartment. He is clearly much happier to be at home
               among his art work.

               He pulls open the bag and digs for his new contacts.

               He pulls them out but discovers there is something else still
               in the bag.

               He shakes the bag out onto his table and out rolls the
               VENDOR's scrambler.

               KENSHIN looks confused for a moment, but then returns his
               focus to the contacts. He quickly stashes the scrambler away
               in a drawer to get it out of sight.

               He rushes to the bathroom, fumbling and eager to put in his
               new color contacts.


               KENSHIN carefully but awkwardly puts in his new color

               He has a difficult time getting them in.

               He looks at himself in the mirror admiring the extremely
               artificial bright purple color of his eyes.

               The front door buzzer rings. 

               He panics to quickly remove the lenses and answer the door.

               The buzzer rings again and he's still rushing to remove the



               KENSHIN opens the door only a crack and peeks through. He is
               blinking heavily. His eyes are irritated.

                         Collective officers were by earlier
                         to distribute a new round of
                         immunization. Here.

               The NEIGHBOR hands KENSHIN a canister through the cracked

               Kenshin takes the canister and turns away to hide his face
               blinking uncomfortably. He rubs his irritated eyes.

                                   NEIGHBOR (CONT'D)
                         Apparently the objectors are
                         putting the whole city at risk
                         again. I hear they cough.

                         I understand the upper city remains
                         sterile. Make sure to take your
                         round and you'll be fine.

                         Thank you.

               KENSHIN looks over the canister and gives it a little shake
               of curiosity.

                                   KENSHIN (CONT'D)
                         You ever wonder what would happen
                         if we stopped taking the rounds?

                         It's every citizen's duty to take
                         his round. 

               KENSHIN closes the door on the NEIGHBOR mid sentence and sets
               the canister on the counter.

               The NEIGHBOR screams through the door.

                                   NEIGHBOR (CONT'D)
                         Do I need to report you?


               KENSHIN goes to a self-portrait he's done. It shows him in
               extremely colorful attire, contrasting sharply with how he
               really looks. 

               He finds some lavender paint and colors in the eyes of his
               portrait. He makes sweeping circular strokes.

               When he's finished the portrait makes him look like a fantasy
               space alien.

               INT. OFFICE. DAY.

               KENSHIN sits at his desk staring at the phone. 

               After a while of internal debate he opens his briefcase and
               takes out the scrambler. He makes sure nobody sees him and
               then sets it next to the phone and activates it. 

               He makes a phone call. He's trying hard not to be overheard.

               The operator's voice comes through the speakerphone.

               KENSHIN panics to turn off the speakerphone and switch on the
               phone's ear speaker.

                                   COLLECTIVE OPERATOR
                         Collective health services.

                         Yes, I wanted to know if color
                         change eye surgery is covered.

                                   COLLECTIVE OPERATOR
                         No sir. Definitely not.

               KENSHIN raises his voice momentarily but then catches himself
               and quiets down.

                         But why not? I'm sure I could think
                         up a reason for its benefit.

                                   COLLECTIVE OPERATOR
                         It doesn't promote health. In fact,
                         black-market surgeons doing this
                         kind of surgery are currently under
                         investigation. Sir, you're calling
                         from an uncoded signal. May I have
                         your name and code please?

                         Uh, yes. It's uh...

               KENSHIN ends the call right away.


               A switchboard operator has just ended a call and is reading
               data from it on a computer screen.

               He selects the words "Inbound Uncoded" from a drop down menu.

               He then types the command "/track" and presses enter.

               A city map comes up on the screen with a processing bar

               The map eventually zooms to a more focused view with a circle
               drawn around the perimeter of a neighborhood. 

               The screen then flashes the words "Unable To Track Further." 

               The operator selects the words "Log Data For Further
               Investigation" from a drop down menu.

               EXT. STREET. DUSK.

               KENSHIN is walking home from work again. This time he walks
               with purpose as he passes the crowd on the skywalk.

               He drops down again to the under-street level. 

               He goes to the place where he met the VENDOR but he's not

               He catches an oddly dressed old man by surprise. 

                         Have you seen the vendor that sells
                         in that alley?

               The old man is irritated.

                                   OLD MAN
                         What you want... to haul us off for
                         making a living?

                         But I'm not a collective officer.
                         I'm just...

               The OLD MAN turns away. He isn't helpful.

               KENSHIN continues exploring the alleys.

               EXT. ALLEY. NIGHT.

               He passes a wildly dressed young woman (Seda, female, 35),
               then stops and stares at her.

               She looks back at him.

                         Well? Aren't you afraid you'll get
                         sick for being too close to me?

                         Um, no. I'm not really worried
                         about that.

                         Your people think we're going to
                         bring on another epidemic and spoil
                         your state of healthy perfection.

                         Well, isn't it? We don't get sick.
                         You do. I don't understand why you
                         refuse the immunizations.

                         That shit is poison! Your whole
                         lifestyle is poison. Look at you
                         all in your sterile world. You've
                         sterilized your spirit. Don't you
                         see, they use science to control
                         you. Don't believe what they say
                         about us. We're just artists who
                         live natural lives.

               KENSHIN stops and thinks about what she's saying. He looks
               her over again, then leans in and whispers to her.

                         You want to know a secret? I'm an
                         artist too. I'm Kenshin.

                         My name's Seda. I didn't think
                         there were any artists left living
                         among the collective. You should
                         come see our commune. It's at the
                         Oak Dam. We're not interested in
                         revolt like those that live here in
                         the under city. We just want to be
                         left to live as we please.

               A mainstream suit-clad woman passes and glares at KENSHIN
               talking to SEDA. 

               He catches her stare and looks away with a guilty

                                   SEDA (CONT'D)
                         You should definitely come see what
                         we're all about.

                         No, I don't think so.

               KENSHIN turns and walks away.

               EXT. COMMUNE. DAY.

               Life on the commune -- everyone is dressed in wild expressive
               colors, sharply contrasting the stiff sterile look of the
               mainstream in the city. 

               Seda is painting in a garden. Others are around building,
               creating artwork, and working in the gardens.

               A man is heard coughing in the background.

               Someone is giving a speech speaking out against the

                         Now we're being blamed for
                         contributing to re-population. Can
                         you believe it? That was an ancient
                         concern. And the epidemic took care
                         of it quite nicely. Ancestors of
                         the collective were the cause of
                         both issues, I might add. We should
                         not allow them to impose their
                         medical ideals upon us. And why are
                         we being lumped in with those black
                         market urchins? Our only common
                         thread is that we both choose a
                         life of freedom outside of the
                         collective. Personally I think
                         they're reckless and dangerous.

               EXT. COMMUNE GARDEN. DAY.

               A gardener walks along a row of vegetables picking a variety
               of fresh produce out of the ground and adding it to his
               basket. He takes great care and pride inspecting each item

               INT. COMMUNE KITCHEN. DAY.

               Commune cooks wash and prepare the freshly grown and picked
               food for a large meal.

               A clay oven has been built into the side of the kitchen. It
               glows from a wood fire inside.

               Large kettles hang over open flamed cooking fires.


               KENSHIN's BOSS is seated behind his desk in his office. The
               office is perfectly tidy with nothing out of place. The walls
               are white and the furniture is black. Two collective officers
               are seated in front of him. They wear the distinct uniform of
               black jumpsuits marked by two white rings running around the
               arms on both sleeves. One officer has a tablet computer on
               his lap.

               The INVESTIGATING OFFICER brings up some data on his tablet. 

               The tablet makes a distinct computer alert ringing sound as
               it loads the information.

               The tablet shows the map of the area and a list of business

                                   INVESTIGATING OFFICER
                         We're investigating some uncoded 
                         communications transmitting from
                         your borough. As a preliminary step
                         we're meeting with management for
                         all the businesses in the area to
                         find out if they've noticed any
                         unusual, suspicious, or non
                         conforming behavior. Keep in mind
                         that regardless of any information
                         reported the commercial rating
                         score of your business will not be

               INT. OFFICE. DAY.

               The investigating officers wander around the empty office
               looking at employee desks. They poke around, picking up pens
               and pencils and looking in drawers. KENSHIN's is among the
               desks they're inspecting.


               KENSHIN stands alone in his apartment contemplatively looking
               at his artwork and looking at his contact lenses. 

               He holds one of his contacts up next to his paints to match
               the color.

               He takes some lavender paint with his finger, closes his eyes
               and rubs the paint onto his closed eyelids. 

               He sits down meditatively and breathes keeping his eyes

               After some moments he opens his eyes abruptly, staring with


               Inside the neighbor's apartment a woman is preparing her

               Her kitchen looks like the rest of the sterile upper city --
               more like a laboratory than a kitchen. Along the wall is a
               counter with a machine sitting on top. 

               The NEIGHBOR presses a button on the machine and a serving of
               food squirts out from a tube into a bowl. The food looks like
               brown baby food.

               The NEIGHBOR sits at a table eating her food.

               She takes a pill out of a canister and swallows it down along
               with her food.

               The door buzzer rings.

               She answers the door and finds two collective officers.

                                   COLLECTIVE OFFICER
                         Sorry to bother you. We're hear to
                         ask you about your neighbor, a Mr.
                         Kenshin in unit 31?

                         Why don't you ask him yourself?

                                   COLLECTIVE OFFICER
                         We'll get to that in due course.
                         Right now we'd like to talk to you.
                         Can you tell us if he's had any
                         unusual visitors lately?

                         Visitors? Hah. He's never had a
                         visitor in his life! He very much
                         keeps to himself, you know. He
                         certainly hasn't invited me in. Not
                         that I'd go if he did. Is this
                         about the rounds? Did he stop
                         taking them and contract something? 

                                   COLLECTIVE OFFICER
                         No maam, thank you that'll be all.

               The officers start to walk away. The neighbor calls out to

                         Wait, you have to tell me! I could
                         be at risk living right next door!

                                   COLLECTIVE OFFICER
                         It's nothing like that. Thank you.

               EXT. STREET. DUSK.

               On his way home from work the next day, KENSHIN walks down
               from the skywalk to the lower streets near the black-market
               area again and finds the first VENDOR loitering near where he
               keeps his goods closet.

                         No refunds.

                         I don't want a refund. How do I
                         find a surgeon?

                         Hmm... Curious. But I'd rather not
                         know. It's none of my business, is
                         it now?

               The VENDOR writes something down on a scrap of paper and
               holds it to his chest while staring at KENSHIN.

               KENSHIN hands the VENDOR some money in exchange for the note.

                                   VENDOR (CONT'D)
                         You should dress differently.
                         People won't trust you.

               EXT. ALLEY. DUSK.

               In a dark alley around the corner from where the VENDOR
               dwells there is a computer ringing noise. It's the same sound
               heard in the BOSS's office. 

               At the distant end of the alley where it joins the street
               KENSHIN walks past.

               EXT. COMMUNE. DAY.

               KENSHIN walks over grass and dirt up to the commune. He's
               still dressed in his usual conservative attire.

               He stops at a distance unnoticed under some trees and watches
               the outsiders living in their commune.

               He focuses on someone painting on a canvas.

               There is a crunch of branches behind him. He turns to find
               SEDA watching him.

                         You came to see after all.

                         Yes, I like what it is that you do
                         here. I mean, how you live. I just
                         don't quite fit in, do I?

               SEDA looks him over with a long smile.

                         You should be more colorful.

                         I'm working on it.

               KENSHIN walks back toward the city with a happy purpose in
               his step.

                         Where are you going?

               KENSHIN calls back from a distance.

                         I have to do something. It's a
                         surprise. I think you'll like it.
                         I'll be back.

                         Hey wait a minute. I have to pick
                         up some uh... hard to come by
                         supplies tomorrow. Can you meet me
                         in that same alley? I'll be there
                         at three.


               After KENSHIN is out of sight an artist approaches SEDA from
               behind some nearby bushes.

                                   COMMUNE ARTIST
                         What the hell does he want?

                         He's looking for a change. He's
                         sweet and I think he needs us. He's
                         living in a world he doesn't feel
                         connected to. Haven't you ever felt
                         like that?

                                   COMMUNE ARTIST
                         No... I don't trust him. And even
                         if I did, who knows what trouble he
                         could bring on our community.

                         We need to protect ourselves and
                         unfortunately that means isolating

                         Oh, don't worry so much. He's


               An officer stands in a police office before his seated
               superior. The officer holds a tablet computer. The officers
               have a stern and military demeanor.

                                   INVESTIGATING SUPERIOR
                         What have you got?

                                   INVESTIGATING OFFICER
                         Sir, we've been following a loose
                         lead. It's an upper city citizen.
                         Clean record. Coded. But he's been
                         keeping unusual company and
                         spending time in the lower dregs.
                         We haven't connected him to any of
                         the underground resistance groups
                         yet. He might be nobody. We're not

                                   INVESTIGATING SUPERIOR
                         Keep following him. If he is
                         connected he might lead us to their
                         staging ground. If we're lucky we 
                         might have the chance to squash
                         their revolt before it begins.

               EXT. ALLEY. DAY.

               SEDA walks down the alley looking for KENSHIN. Nobody seems
               to be around. 

               Trash bins make banging noises at the end of the alley beyond

               SEDA stops and waits. She looks nervous.

               The sound of footsteps is heard approaching from down the

               Seda's face lights up with a smile.

               Her face drops when she sees that it's not KENSHIN

               A dirty under-dweller is walking toward her with a grin on
               his face.

               He reaches his hand into his pocket.

               SEDA starts walking away from the stranger.

               The man begins running toward her.

               SEDA looks back and begins running too.

               When SEDA turns her head back forward she slams right into
               the chest of someone else. It's KENSHIN. He catches her.

               The under-dweller seeing KENSHIN turns around and runs off.

               KENSHIN looks confused and startled at SEDA running into him.
               When he sees the man running off, he looks relieved that he
               wasn't forced into an altercation. 

               KENSHIN and SEDA stand in an embrace for a few moments.

                         What's happening here?

                         I'm glad I didn't have to find out.
                         Nice timing, Kenshin.

               They walk together quietly down the alley.

               He looks straight ahead, and she looks up at him periodically
               as they walk along.

                         So what sort of supplies are you
                         after that bring you into this
                         wonderful area?

                         It's funny, things that used to be
                         so common and easily accessible,
                         now you'll only find in the under
                         city. It's nothing scandalous or
                         associated with rebellion. Just
                         women's supplies that the
                         collective no longer have a need
                         for and no longer produce. And even
                         if they had what I needed, I
                         wouldn't be able to purchase
                         anything without a coder. They've
                         really left me no alternative but
                         do business with the under city.

                         Yes, this is really the only place
                         I can get my art supplies.

                         We actually make a lot of our own
                         paints using food dyes.

                         That's fantastic. I'd love to learn
                         how you do that.

               INT. SEDA'S ROOM. NIGHT.

               SEDA is sewing in her room at the commune. Her space is
               wildly colorful. Various art projects are under way in
               different areas of her room. There are large windows on the
               walls and the room is well lit with natural light. She has a
               smile on her face as she works.

               She is sewing a men's shirt by hand using deep blue colored
               cloth with purple detail. 

               As she works she is singing to herself an improvised melody
               and adding her thoughts as lyrics to the melody.

                         How can I expect him to show up in
                         anything interesting. It's not like
                         he has much to choose from in those
                         gloomy shops. This is just what he

               She holds up the shirt and inspects her work then makes some
               final snips of loose threads.

               She admires the finished product. 

               She folds the shirt carefully, then wraps it into a
               decorative bundle and ties it with twine.

               INT. WIRING TUNNEL. NIGHT.

               Inside an underground tunnel, two men are creeping along.
               They are dressed in old ratty military style attire. They
               both carry backpacks. The tunnel is lined with miles of
               modern electronic cable.

               The men stop walking and start looking through the wiring.
               They find the wire they're looking for and isolate it from
               the rest.

               One man takes an electronic device and some tools out of his
               pack. He connects his device to the wire.

               The two men jump up and start running back down the tunnel.


               Rows of computer terminals are lined up inside a large
               office. It is after hours and nobody is around. The computer
               monitors sit in the dark. All of them display the same
               company image.

               Suddenly all of them uniformly change to a Unix screen.

               A list of commands scrolls through as they are executed.

               Then all of the terminals go dark.

               EXT. CITY. NIGHT.

               Looking down at the city from high above the lights
               throughout buildings illuminate the night. 

               All at once a neighborhood in the center of the city goes


               A COLLECTIVE OFFICER gives a report to his superior.

                                   COLLECTIVE OFFICER
                         Last night terrorist attackers
                         successfully loaded a virus into
                         some of the control systems. It
                         disabled some of the city grid.
                         Other than that, we don't yet know
                         which systems may have been
                         compromised and to what extent.

                                   COLLECTIVE SUPERIOR
                         If we let this go any further it
                         could get out of control. Move
                         forward with the intervention.


               In the dark a boy is finishing up with a wall mural on the
               side of a building in a blacked out neighborhood of the upper
               city. The image is of a nature landscape with a bright sun
               and green colors.

               The nature landscape is caving in on a clean modern city
               landscape below it. It shows a moon and skyscrapers in blue,
               white, and silver. The modern city is caving in on a dirty
               industrial urban landscape even further below.

               INT. OPERATING ROOM. DAY

               KENSHIN is laying back on a reclined operating chair in a
               makeshift surgery room. A man hovers over him working on his
               eyes with something that makes the sound of a vacuum.

               Suddenly noises come from outside the room -- smashing
               sounds, doors slamming, voices yelling, people running.

               The doctor stops what he's doing, throws some of his tools in
               a bag and rushes out.

               KENSHIN gets out of the chair. He can't see. He feels his way
               to the doorway. 

               His eyes are burning. He grimaces and holds his hands over

               He stumbles over something and falls, then stands up and
               holds onto the door frame to the hallway.

               He stands frozen and scared.

               INT. CORRIDOR. DAY.

               KENSHIN starts moving down the corridor away from the noise. 

               Behind him officers are breaking in doors and arresting

               KENSHIN fumbles randomly through a network of warehouse

               Someone grabs him. It's the VENDOR. He helps him escape to a
               safe exit.

               EXT. COMMUNE. NIGHT.

               The VENDOR walks KENSHIN across the field and up to the
               outsiders camp. 

               INT. COMMUNE CABIN. NIGHT.

               KENSHIN is laid onto a cot and tended to by SEDA. His eyes
               are closed and dried blood drip marks stain his cheeks. The
               commune leader and the VENDOR are also there.

                         I found him at the black market.

                         What were you thinking? You're a
                         fool. Oh God, what have you done?

               KENSHIN doesn't respond.

                                   COMMUNE LEADER
                         KENSHIN, you're welcome to stay
                         here as long as you like. We can
                         talk about it more tomorrow. Get
                         some rest, fella.

               SEDA bandages KENSHIN's eyes.

               INT. SEDA'S ROOM. DAY.

               KENSHIN and SEDA sit in her room. KENSHIN's eyes are still
               bandaged, but he has been cleaned up and looks better.

               SEDA retrieves the bundle she had prepared for KENSHIN and
               presents it to him.

               KENSHIN feels the package and unwraps it revealing the shirt
               that SEDA made. 

               He feels every stitch carefully, and strokes the fabric. 

                         It's beautiful.

                         I wish you could see it.

                         What color is it?

                         It's whatever color you want it to
                         be. And it can change color every
                         day if you like. Every minute.

               INT. COMMUNE CABIN. DAY.

               KENSHIN lies on the cot. SEDA and the COMMUNE LEADER are in
               the room. 

                                   COMMUNE LEADER
                         KENSHIN, we can take you back to
                         the collective. Their surgeons can
                         repair the damage done to your
                         eyes. But if you decide to go,
                         they'll imprison you after the
                         procedure. It's your choice, but
                         you don't have to go. You can stay
                         here with us. Become part of our

                         Please stay with us, Kenshin.

               A commune member bursts in, angry.

                                   COMMUNE MEMBER
                         They're tracking him! He's leading
                         them to our camp! We've got to get
                         rid of him!

                         Wait. How do they know I was at the
                         black market?

                                   COMMUNE MEMBER
                         Your bio-transponder! You were
                         coding! They scanned the area
                         before the raid!

               KENSHIN touches his forearm.

               The VENDOR hearing the loud voices enters the cabin.

                                   COMMUNE MEMBER (CONT'D)
                         They're probably tracking him too!

               The COMMUNE MEMBER points to the VENDOR.

               The VENDOR pushes the COMMUNE MEMBER against the wall. He
               rolls up his own sleeve and holds his forearm in front of the
               COMMUNE MEMBER's face showing the rectangular scar.

                         You see this? You think because you
                         were born free, you're better than
                         me? I got free the hard way.

                         Do you know how difficult and
                         painful it is to remove an active
                         bio-transponder? If it's not done
                         right it'll send charges through
                         your body destroying your nervous

                                   COMMUNE MEMBER
                         Get rid of him!

               The COMMUNE MEMBER runs out of the cabin.

                         Come on. I know how to help you.

               The VENDOR helps KENSHIN up and walks him out.

               INT. BLACK MARKET. NIGHT.

               The VENDOR leads KENSHIN through the black market. Most of it
               is in rubble due to the raid.

               They enter a dark room full of equipment. The VENDOR 
               shuffles through some tools searching for something.

               A loud beeping sound rings out through the building.

               The VENDER starts searching faster. He finds what he's
               looking for -- a metal box the size of a toaster oven.

               He grabs KENSHIN and the box and drags them out of the room.

               The sound of officers searching rooms nearby grows louder.

               The two rush down the hallway and enter another dark room.

               The VENDOR makes KENSHIN climb a metal ladder affixed to a
               wall. It runs up to the rooftop.

               The VENDOR follows him up.

               EXT. ROOFTOP. NIGHT.

                         They're tracking you. We have to
                         kill your coder fast. Put your arm
                         in here.

               The VENDOR opens the box and presses some buttons.

               KENSHIN lays his arm inside the box. The box starts humming
               and KENSHIN screams.

               The VENDOR holds KENSHIN's mouth to keep him quiet.

               They hear noises and voices below.

                         I think he's on the roof.


               Officers begin climbing the ladder below.

               EXT. ROOFTOP. NIGHT.

               As the process finishes up, the VENDOR opens the box to
               reveal KENSHIN's bloody forearm. The bio-transponder is in
               the box.

               The VENDOR runs the box across the roof and throws it down an
               air ventilation shaft.


               The box slides down and lands inside a room adjacent to where
               the officers are climbing up.


               The officers hear the crash and stop climbing. They check
               their tracking equipment.

                         He's next door.

               The officers rush back down the ladder and head to the other

               EXT. ROOFTOP. NIGHT.

               KENSHIN and the VENDOR sneak down the side of the building to

               EXT. ALLEY. NIGHT.

               The VENDOR and KENSHIN sit in the dark in a nearby alley and
               recover their breath from the escape.

                         I guess you've made your choice,
                         haven't you? If you turn yourself
                         in to the collective now, they'll
                         re-code you and tack on another ten

                         I never had any choice.

               EXT. COMMUNE. DAY.

               KENSHIN and SEDA are seated under some trees. Kenshin is
               dressed like Jimi Hendrix. SEDA is handing him blobs of clay
               and teaching him how to sculpt. He no longer wears bandages.
               His eyes are open wide although he cannot see. They are a
               cloudy lavender color.