Writing Samples

Technical Writing

Flash Fiction
     Bits of skin curled and peeled up from the tip of his sun burnt nose. He scratched at it unconsciously as he scanned the waves from shore. His mother had told him that new skin grows back each year after shedding the old layer, and this helped him imagine that any possible cancerous cells had already been purged. He was an old man now and had lost faith in some of his mother’s wisdoms... Read more

Teen Fiction
     As an idea came to her, she’d lean forward in her seat to jot it down and produce a swift ascending creek. Then as she lost momentum her chair would moan with a slow descending return, and she would slump back into a reclined position. Jared, sitting directly behind her, grew more annoyed with the ongoing fluctuation in Anna’s creativity. He couldn’t decide where to focus his anger, on Anna or her chair. It was more than just the distracting sound that bothered him... Read more

     Some of the best wall mold for your money can be found in Taiwan where the climate is ideal for its cultivation. Unlike other gooey mold, wall mold is like sculpture. It expands onto itself resulting in stony globs that are dry and strong. It’s like Taiwan’s own special breed of weed. You can grow it anywhere with the slightest effort. You may not have space for a garden where you live, but that’s no problem. Wall mold is like garden 2.0 for the new forward thinking, space saving horticulturalist. Think about the Chia Pet possibilities! Hold on a sec, let me jot that down. Okay, got it. Don’t steal my idea... Read more

Travel Journalism
     Crossing the street back and forth to peer into boutiques, vintage clothing shops, cafes and bakeries requires caution. Cyclists fly past with great speed and near silence. We bounce out of their way at the last moment and take a satisfying breath devoid of exhaust fumes... Read more